Summary for Docs Team Meeting 28 October 2019

This meeting had an agenda to cover all the main topics:


@felipeelia, @atachibana, @milana_cap, @tomf, @kenshino, @bph, @felipeloureirosantos



@leogermani updates:

Hooks migrations are stalled for the last two weeks

I’ve been working in the localization content for the common APIs handbook. Hopefully this week I’ll manage to have something to show

Docs handbook review: This page have 2 sections talking about migrating the Versions pages. Apparently this taks is completed already and could be removed

@atachibana updates:

Content: 256 of 1068 (23.9%) pages were redirected. Last week was 241 of 1068 (22.6%).

During these works, I was suggested by johnbillion to report all inline documentation fix under the one ticket:

I modified Docs Team Handbook to relect this change:

@estelaris updates:

The team at contributor day WC Valencia came up with good ideas, but after reviewing their individual input and adding the comments left on the P2 I posted 2 weeks ago, we came up with what it looks like the final version


As discussed during our last meeting, our focus on this meeting was the Docs Team Handbook.

According to @milana_cap, our Handbook has been forgotten for a long time until recently when we started updating and reorganising it, each team member is responsible for a part on the Handbook, and may review and update all guidelines around it. It’s only natural that those people update the same parts of Handbook because they know the best how to contribute to that project and who to talk to.

@milana_cap also pointed out that we are also missing the Block editor documentation guidelines, and that we are missing someone who’s going to “own” it.

Then @felipeelia asks about the “Plugin Handbook Rep: Open” from the projects list.

@milana_cap remembers that plugin handbook is actually shared between plugin review team and docs, and that main ownership is by plugin team.

@Kenshino proposes about clarifies if the Plugin Team is updating the pages based on the latest changes to WordPress, and propose about contacting @ipstenu.

@milana_cap highlights that the main goal of the handbooks is that people that want to add something in notes or want to contribute, they should be able to go to our handbook, find info on how to start, which document to go to, which Trello board etc and which people to ping if they have questions.

@Kenshino gives the suggestion to create a P2 post, so we can set expectations and deadlines for people.


The plugin has been activated in several sites, but we are still waiting for content import into the sites. There is still not an estimation of its availability.

Next meeting & WCUS Contributor Day

We are going to be at WCUS 2019 Contributor Day, and @milana_cap has published a post about it:

As we are going to be with limited resources next week, so the meeting has been canceled, and we will just have a meeting again on Nov 11 which will be hosted by @tomf.


You can take a look at the meeting transcript via this link: