Summary for Docs Team Meeting 7 October 2019


@kenshino @milana_cap @pascal @estalaris @karmatosed @nao @felipeloureirosantos @nullbyte @lovish bishnoi @softservenet


@milana_cap reported we’re waiting on @estalaris who is working on design tickets and @netweb reported that he would have notes on SVN issue coming and would post as soon as available.

Rosetta Release

@nao reported that the last piece we’re waiting for is:
HelpHub: fix role assignment for support users.
@kenshino confirmed.

@nao referenced 4 tickets in regards to enabling the HelpHub plugin: (pt_BR) (it_IT) (ru_RU) (ko_KO)
@nao also asked if it would be language by language (site) or network wide

@pascal confirmed if that is the last piece we are waiting on, that it should be ok to go ahead.

@pascal suggested to document the process and see that we have all the rights to perform all the steps. If we need meta too, we need to make sure to involve them in due time in the process

Change of Meeting Structure

@kenshino gave an update on combining the two meetings and how they are conducted. He’s working on a P2 post on this and that the transition will likely be late October or after WCUS

@kenshino asked that anyone going to WCUS let @milana_cap know.

@milana_cap will write up a P2 post asking who is going


@estalaris provided two screencaps of reworked pages and icon inclusion.

@kenshino asked if we could solicit feedback on Figma. @estalaris and @karmatosed suggested that we use something like a P2 post. @estalaris will do a P2 post soliciting feedback.

@estalaris will work towards closing the two open tickets on design as they were specific to items and solicit feedback on the provided screencaps.

@estalaris suggested that she could work with WordCamp Valencia for the mobile views.

@kenshino confirmed this would be a good idea to get others involved.