Summary for Docs Team Meeting 15 July 2019


@leogermani @chrisvanpatten @estelaris @ibdz @jeffmatson @audrasjb @kenshino attended

We didn’t have a quorum today so we went with a full open floor format!

Global Design Changes is trying to sync it’s designs up across all the siites and assets. The design team will help sync HelpHub and DevHub’s designs to be compliant.

@ibdz is also picking up design tickets to work on.

Content Update

@leogermani has worked out the full list of hooks that require migration. That list has been merged into the main DevHub migration document available here.

He has also gotten the top 100 hooks (traffic based) and suggested them to be candidates for immediate migration. He’ll work with @atachibana to sort things out and potentially post a Call for Collaborators.

Gutenberg Documentation

@chrisvanpatten said that a Gutenberg Docs bug scrub will happen within the next 2 weeks.

The plans to peg the current released Block Editor docs to the current WordPress release is still an item that they want to fix but have limited resources. We would appreciate anyone wanting to help with this transition to raise their hand!

You can take a look at the meeting transcript via this link.