Summary for Docs Team Meeting 1 July 2019


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Content Migration from Codex to HelpHub & DevHub

@atachibana reported many HelpHub pages were modified during WCEU Contributor Day. The next goal is redirecting of DevHub. the current worksheet is available: (open “New Status” tab for overall stats).

There is some instructions about editing this spreadsheet in Docs Team Handbook: Anyone is welcome to join the project.

@leogermani took a try to make sure WP_Query was ready to be redirected. Some missing sections and parameters were added, along with lots of other adjustments.

@leogermani reporte 2 remaining issues on this document:

  1. some of the h3 titles are not automatically added to the Table of Content.
  2. He didn’t create the links to the related Actions/Filters. We have to check if we can add links to them in devhub since they are far more incomplete there.

These issues are not blockers, so @atachibana is going to redirect it.

@kenshino asked if there is statistics of how many DevHub articles are redirected VS how many need redirection.

@atachibana said that we have the number of Functions: 167 of 901 (18.5%) was redirected. But we don’t have the number of Classes and Hooks/Filters.

@atachibana is going to modify the handbook to set high priority to redirecting.

HelpHub development

@milana_cap listed the current opened Meta trac tickets:

Waiting for merge:

  • (patch added today)

Waiting for code:


@milana_cap is trying to figure out the best way for contributing to helphub dev by sharing GitHub and Trac code in local. Developers who want to help out with phase 1.5 can ping Milana directly.

@estelaris is going to add needs-design keyword to those tickets.

@kenshino asked if any estimates to when we’ll finish Phase 1.5 dev.

@milana_cap said there are few issues that need decisions. A couple require the actual developer work (not just small CSS tweaks) with decisions made and very slow progress. September would be latest. @kenshino: Also remember @milana_cap and @clorith are dev leads so if it’s a development question, they can make decisions.

Inline Docs

Last week we talked about making sure we have mapped out some ideas for @juliobox to pick up the management of the specific area in Code Reference (“More Info” section).

@kenshino also had a chat with the previous Docs Lead and one of the creators of DevHub, that area was really meant to house the extraordinary amount of examples and information of WP_Query. So using it as a curated content space isn’t out of the norm.

Centralised API Handbook on DevHub

@coffee2code has created that and called it the Common API Handbook. It’s not visible on the front end but when you go to wp-admin, we can see the custom post type.

@atachibana do mark out the pages you’d like to move from the other handbooks to the Common API handbook.

Who’s in the Docs Team

Last update from Docs Team Leads:

Open Floor

@leogermani asked if there are any previous discussion on migrating the Explanations for the Filters/Actions from the Codex to devhub. For example: In devhub there is only the basics and no description:

@kenshino: stated one needs to submit a core ticket to add in that straight to the PHP Docs block in the code (that’s how we parse in the Code reference pages).

@leogermani asked if “Centralised API Handbook on DevHub” discussion is related to this topic opened by @atachibana ? (See also: @kenshino answered it’s exactly the same thing.

About HelpHub Internationalization:

Locales that are ready to begin with HelpHub internationalization are invited to open a Meta Trac ticket. At this moment, some of them have already opened a ticket: 4523 (pt_BR), 4571 (Serbian), 4572 (pt_ES), 4573 (nl_NL), 4574 (fr_FR) and 4575 (ja).

@kenshino added it would be good to comment on as well so that others can see which locales are joining.