Summary for HelpHub meeting 3 June 2019


@kartiks16 @ibdz @kafleg @tjnowell @jnashhawkins @atachibana @nao @welcher @milana_cap

Content Migration And Redirection Status

@atachibana reported that until today, all Phase 2 contents and Version pages were migrated and redirected. 10 pages remain from Phase 1 contents to be redirected.

Phase 1.5 – Design

@ibdz proposed the design for Versions page and will update the responsive table design for mobile next week:

Phase 1.5 – Development

Github issues (and their PRs) closed:


and moved to Trac:


It would be great if we could have good-first-issue keyword in Trac.

We are still waiting for this one to get any response:

It’s uncertain if there will be another bug scrub before WordCcmp Europe. Last bug scrub notes ca be found here:


Let’s create the list of of things to do at WCEU Contributor Day in next couple of weeks.

Meeting transcript: