Summary for HelpHub meeting 20 May 2019


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Phase 1.5 – Development

No updates. In last weekend, @milana_cap had been organizing local WordCamp.


@ibdz is now officially leading design for HelpHub, and he is already done some work with the WordPress Versions table page.
He has some design pattern of responsive table that needs to be discussed in design meeting this week, and will leave comments for these design label issues:

Content Migration

@milana_cap lead Contributor Day’s docs team and redirected 96 pages or 87% of queued tasks. Thank you all: @Zoran Koneski @colovicc @zdravkosokcevic100 @bloop434 @lazarus9 @zockey @MilosJS

@aurooba will have a Contributor Day on this Saturday in Calgary.
2 Version pages were missing in Codex.

@atachibana fixed 3.9.5 and will fix


There are 2 proposals on P2. Please feel free to comment.

What’s the best way to use the More Info section?

Proposal: WordPress Developer Handbook for common topics