What’s the best way to use the More Info section?

Hello there, I’m Julio Potier. Long time contributor here and there, I loved to contribute to the french and english (old) codex.

Now it’s time to move on and use the new dev site.

However since it’s not a wiki anymore, we lose the possibility of total freedom. At the same time, we won an automatic parsing/filling !

Also, user notes (comments) are useful at the bottom of a page, it’s like php.net with the difference that a Doc team member has to verify and validate it.

BUT because there is a but, this is the point of this post. Sometimes there is a “More Informations” at the end of the page, before the users notes. Check that one for example, it’s my ideal case and I love it:

For me, the interest is the same as php.net : provide a few examples of usage, some do&dont, some tips&tricks.

But not as a user notes, this is not “official” enough, anyone can add a user note, why would I trust one?

But this section is part of the page, the examples are (again) like php.net, THE examples.

So, I’m here to ask : do you/we want to keep that and let people of the doc team contribute to this “More Infos” box? Because I would like to help.

Voilà I would like to do this when I encounter a page that could need some examples. Of course, I’ll/can add user notes, it depends on the context.

So, I raise my hand to handle this, I appreciate your feedback on that 😉