Summary for Docs Team Meeting 15 April 2019


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@atachibana reported that more progress is needed for the items discussed at the last meeting:

Summary for HelpHub Meeting 8 April 2019

@atachibana is working on documenting detailed steps of transfer of Codex Pages.


@milana_cap reported that phase 1.5 issues on GitHub have started being confirmed. There are coming bug scrubs to make the final list and then it will be handed over (the list) to the meta team so that they know what to expect in Trac.


@kenshino and @mkaz started discussion on Dev Handbook. @mkaz pointed out that there was a process for publishing from GitHub to specific locations. @kenshino suggested the migration could be done by the Team manually as had been done in other cases successfully.

@kenshino pointed out that DevHub should be the repository for all Documentation vs. parting it out between locations.

@milana_cap has already announced that this might be a focus on the upcoming Contributor Day(s).

@kenshino agreed that the main contribution point can be GitHub, but the output (display to public) should be DevHub. @kenshino and @chrisvanpatten pointed out that controlling the UI/UX of the documentation is also easier in DevHub.

@kenshino proposed:
1. Manually move all to DevHub handbook
2. Point GitHub -> Handbook syndication to the correct spot (#1 can be skipped if this is easy enough)
3. Edit templates with content in place

@kenshino will write up a meta ticket after the consensus with the Gutenberg Team at this meeting and bring in @coffee2code to sort the workflow out.


@milana_cap and @kenshino will be volunteering. A volunteer from the USA was asked for and @mkaz asked to be included on the list for the USA volunteer needed to better cover timezones.


@kenshino is working on a P2 post which will be the discussion point for more specifics on badges.


WCEU opened registration for Contributor Day. @kenshino will be attending and @milana_cap is organizing, both will be drumming up interest for the Docs Team!

Meeting Time: This may not be working best for all. Those in Asia are having to stay up very late into the early morning hours (12:00am and later). People in USA are attending in the morning (8am). West Coast USA also has a time change that makes this meeting at 7am parts of the year. @milana_cap will write a P2 post for discussion to see if there might be a different time schedule that will allow more people to participate and be better optimized for those who regularly attend.

Inline Docs: @subrataemfluence asked about where to start for inline docs. @atachibana provided this link:

Inline Documentation

Codex Page Redirects: @joyously asked about how these are being handled and pointed out some inconsistency in links coming from different sections (link in the blue bar for Documentation is to Codex, whereas the one in the main menu is to Support). @kenshino suggested that @joyously raise the issue with the Support Team or that we can possibly also put in a Meta ticket for the link issue.

@kenshino is working on a patch for an anchor link to Dev Documentation from the upper left corner flyout menu.

@atachibana provided the link for the spreadsheet with redirect progress:
Column J = Done for transferred page
@softservenet offered assistance with additional redirects pending

Search for Redirected Pages: @joyously asked about how the two different pages (Codex, DevHub) would be handled in search. They are being redirected as there is valuable content still in Codex. @otto42 reiterated that Google will handle the search where the pages are redirected, while still allowing for other valuable content on the Codex to be found.


@kenshino Ticket created for Gutenberg handbook to DevHub – The discussion will likely continue in #meta-devhub

@Milana Cap Documentation Team Meeting Time P2 Post:

Documentation Team Meeting Time