Summary for HelpHub Meeting 8 April 2019


@kenshino, @atachibana, @softservenet, @milana_cap, @bph, @subrataemfluence, @aion11, @kartiks16, @makewebbetter, @fitehal, @immeet94, @felipeelia, @casiepa

Development Phase 1.5

Until 5.2 is out @clorith is going to be busy with Health Check plugin, after which we are planning to re-activate bugscrubs. Meanwhile, all Phase 1.5 Github issues have to be checked, valid ones sent to meta team and invalid ones closed. Kartik Shukla volunteered to help @milana_cap with this.

Time and date for a temp bugscrub will be published soon.

Content Phase 1.5

Almost all Release Notes (Version Page) were migrated to HelpHub.
Thank you @kartiks16, @thompsqj, @jarretc, @subrataemfluence, @audrasjb

Now we are transferring Codex pages to matched HelpHub Page. Refer below spreadsheet and click below tab. Stats are bottom of the each sheet.

@atachibana will follow up with @iviolini about the archive page for the Release Notes.

Gutenberg Docs

Besides explanation for each block, we are missing some basic end user Gutenberg docs. @atachibana will write call for help with this. Here is a document with comments on existing classic editor docs:

We will keep these pages and create new ones for block editor.

HelpHub Localisation

Technical discussion going on here:

Anyone with some tech capabilities or an understanding of the needs of Docs (HelpHub) is welcome to chime in.

HelpHub & Docs Badges

General agreement is published here:

We still need to define details: the amount of contribution needed for Contributor badge, 2 months active contribution (leading a project or part of it) for Team badge, a way we select if multiple people are willing to lead same project or feature..

Docs Contributor badge should be specific for people who write Docs for HelpHub / DevHub or maybe the Docs Handbook. Core Inline Docs should get the Core Contributor Badge (this is the current case). If you’ve written code for HelpHub or DevHub – you should get the Meta Contributor badge.

@kenshino will write a separate p2 post about this as soon as @atachibana evaluate the amount of contribution needed for Contributor badge.

Google Season of Docs

If you’d like to volunteer as a mentor, please comment on this post


@casiepa raised a question about documenting API. He created meta ticket for creating another DevHub handbook where docs for all WordPress APIs will live.

You can read a transcript of the meeting at