Summary for Docs Team Meeting 1 April 2019


@milana_cap @nosolosw @joyously @chrisvanpatten @kafleg @makewebbetter @aduth @jankimoradiya @immeet94 @kenshino attended

HelpHub Development

We’re currently trying to move issues form GitHub to Meta Trac to give proper visibility over bugs that affect the code base that was merged into

The team is working on checking if the issues are reproducible on and will migrate related issues.

@milana_cap has updated the list of developers that contributed code to HelpHub. We’re working out which badge to give (Meta or Doc) and will finalise this soon

@milana_cap and @clorith are working on a monthly bug scrub date/time

HelpHub Design

It’s been raised that the forum and HelpHub landing pages are too similar. A discussion will be needed with @iviolini and @clorith to work this through

Gutenberg Handbook

@nosolosw mentioned that the Gutenberg docs have improved quite a bit thanks to the efforts of many people, and the main issue now is discoverability

It was recommended by both @Kenshino and @chrisvanpatten to get the contents of the current Gutenberg developer documentation into a DevHub handbook as a main focus and work out both the technical roadmap and the content re-ordering at a later stage.

@nosolosw will be conferring with the Gutenberg team over the next few days.

Google Season of Docs

In short – there’s 3 months that a technical writer (or more) that can sign up to write docs for

We could decide where the focus should be. It could be working on improving Gutenberg Docs or making sure we look at the other handbooks to review the level of technical writing that we’re at

@chanthaboune is looking into how we’d apply as and mentors are needed for this effort. If you’re interested, take a look at and let us know you’re interested either via DM on Slack, a message in #docs or a comment on this P2 post!

Documentation Team Badges

After a bit of discussion, we’ve landed at a criteria

  • Documentation Contributor: You have contributed over X number of changes across HelpHub or DevHub.
  • Documentation Team: You regularly attend Documentation Team meetings and you are either a project lead or a team lead of a project.

Contributor badges are likely to be permanent and Team badges denote current activity over a period of 2 months.

We’ll likely have to work on the criteria a little more and will make a separate P2 post to solicit feedback before confirming it.

Maintenance of Theme Developer Handbook

The Docs Team would like to bring in the Theme Review Team to take ownership of the Theme Review Handbook (just as Plugins has done so for the plugins handbook).

@kafleg has been requested to form a team and work with @atachibana to bring the theme handbook up to speed.

You can read a transcript of the meeting via