Summary for Docs Team Meeting 18 February 2019

Attendees: @atachibana @milana_cap @subrataemfluence @joyously @Pixelateddwarf

Codex Deprecation (Content Migration


  • On going: Status is here:
  • @subrataemfluence migrated & set transfer tab of 23 Version Pages.


No update.

HelpHub Development


  • HelpHub repository was moved under the WordPress org
  • #meta-helphub, the dedicated channel for HelpHub development was created
  • @jrf fixed Travis Settings error

Inline Docs

No updates.

Gutenberg Handbook

@atachibana will prepare the plan of Gutenberg user docs.

Open Floor

@joyously asked about internationalization of PHP update page
@dd32 explained it at #polyglots to translators:
It can be translated at
and it will be
in case of French. Other languages are the same.

@subrataemfluence mentioned about the lacking of complete examples about Gutenberg development. After this meeting, @mkaz posted
“We are working on improving navigation in the handbook, but there is a tutorial section which has a few complete examples”