Summary for HelpHub Team Meeting 11 February 2019

Attendees: @kenshino @atachibana @moghillfifi @milana_cap @moghillpat @kafleg @marioernestoms @atachibana @williampatton

Contents Migration

@atachibana Submitted Report on Migration

  • 26 of 53 completed (49%) mainly by @Pixelateddwarf
  • Version Text 77 of 349 completed (22%) mainly by subrataemfluence, 107 in progress (31%)
  • If anyone has interests in these activities, please read this document or contact @atachibana

Development for Phase 1.5

@milana_cap submitted the updates
First, all the issues are labelled as,
Phase 1.5:
Phase 2:

She is thinking of moving Phase 1.5 issues directly to Meta Trac.
@milana_cap will work on immediate fixes for the blockers now and will coordinate with @netweb to work out next steps.


@iviolini has taken over from @mapk as Design Lead for HelpHub.

There are issues labeled with Design tags on GitHub that will require @iviolini to review.

Content Migration check-in

@atachibana explain the updates about this. There are 3 or 4 active members. For Phase 1.5 completion, the numbers might be enough.

@moghillfifi and @Moghillpat have volunteered to help with editing/proofreading.

WordCamp Contributors Day and Contribution

@milana_cap Will be at WC Nordic CD, they’ll have docs team and she will try to gather more volunteers for the Docs team. @kenshino will be on WC Bangkok and will work to get more volunteers.

Voice & Tone guide

@kadair updated it after all the comments received in
@kenshino will make a blog post and say that we’ve gotten a consensus on this and we’re publishing it as the official WordPress tone and voice guide – it’s still open to improvements of course (as with anything in WordPress)

HelpHub localisation plan

@nao and @kenshino worked on it.
@moghillfifi will give it a proper read through before we go on publishing. We will probably publish it on mid week.

You can join #docs channel on Slack for the more updates.

You can check out Slack for meeting logs –