Summary for Docs Team meeting 7 January 2019


@kenshino @milana_cap @clorith @Calum @subratasarkar @kafleg @subrataemfluence @felipeelia KiltedHacker @dorzki @howdy_mcgee @joyously @chrisvanpatten attended

Codex Migration (DevHub)

Migration and redirection from Codex are ongoing. Status is here.


No updates.


  • If you want to join HelpHub development project, please refer this page.
  • There are some PRs hanging in github but they need fixing Travis errors.
  • @clorith mentioned localisation for HelpHub, now that it is safely merged to .org. @kenshino discussed with Japanese team (@atachibana and @nao) about its first traial of localization of HelpHub.
  • @joyously raised important issue about embedded links to Codex in program body. Every Codex page should be transfered to matched HelpHub page, until every comments are fixed.
  • Known issue: Dropdown of Support does not link to HelpHub (

Inline Docs

No updates.

Gutenberg Handbook

No updates.