Summary for Docs Team meeting 17 December 2018


@kenshino @milana_cap @atachibana @michelebutcher-jones @softservenet @felipeelia @abrightclearweb @chrisvanpatten @joyously @daveryan attended

Codex Migration (DevHub)

This is still on halt as efforts are still on HelpHub to deal with the launch that happened in early December.

The same content contributors are now moving in sync towards the project that requires immediate attention.


The project did a soft launch on 1 December 2018 to ensure that Gutenberg Docs would have a permanent spot to stay in when WordPress 5.0 launches.

HelpHub’s home page

It has been raised that HelpHub’s home page is too strikingly similar in design to the forums’ homepage. (i.e. and

After a small discussion, it’s been suggested that this to be raised with the support team to see if they feel the same.

@joyously has been asked to assist with this.

Content Migration

The content readiness check of Phase 1’s content migration (113 of the top pages of Codex) is almost done and will be finished before the next meeting.

This effort is detailed at

Blog Post & Future Plans

@kenshino is working on a blog post to be posted on’s News page and a separate more detailed writeup on Make / Docs

  1. General direction and explanation of HelpHub which would be great for end users (on
  2. Actual plans and details e.g. how we’re looking to handle translations etc (on

Gutenberg Docs

@daveryan and @chrisvanpatten are consolidating materials generated at the Contributor day of WCUS and will present updated plans for Gutenberg docs.

This was later posted here –

It does bring to the question as well on how we’d retain docs that pertain to before and after 5.0

@abrightclearweb also asked about definitive names to describe different areas of Gutenberg. This is something that wasn’t solidified yet at meeting time and will require documenting before useful help articles can be written consistently.

E.g. Writing a blog post would be a very different HelpHub article for 4.9 and 5.0


@softservenet and @wizzard_ represented us on WCUS and their experience is detailed here –

We didn’t manage to get to talk about DevHub or Inline Docs effort because the key project leads were travelling out after WCUS.

If you would like to read the meeting in full via Slack logs, it’s here –