Summary of HelpHub meeting 03 December 2018


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Phase 1 Launch

Phase 1 was softly launched at It was featured in Hugh’s post The Month in WordPress: November 2018 and, thanks to @drewapicture and @mapk, will be mentioned in Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word at WordCamp US coming up this weekend. For State of the Word’s slides (made by @mapk) @atachibana prepared Phase 1 statistics and list of content contributors, while the list of development contributors is prepared by @milana_cap.

Search functionality on doesn’t include new HelpHub articles while it does the old Codex ones – track ticket. This is a big problem and we need to, first and foremost, include HelpHub in search and find a healthy way for smooth shutting down the relevant Codex pages. It was proposed to turn Codex to read-only state, improve the notice to clearly state where new information can be found and then redirect relevant Codex pages to HelpHub ones as Codex is pretty good indexed.

On a matter of naming it’s been decided that we’ll keep HelpHub as a project code name while official name will be “User Docs“. It will stand next to “Forums” and “Developer Docs” in main menu for

All issues for Phase 1 will move to track while for Phase 2 remain on Github. To create new ticket go here: and select “Support Hub” component.

Phase 2

@mapk started with mapping Gutenberg blocks for publishing HelpHub content – github issue. Here’s the demo:

Transcript of meeting can be found here: