Summary for HelpHub Meeting 5 November 2018

Below is a summary of last week’s meeting.


@milana_cap @wizzard_ @poena @yuli-yang @felipeelia @atachibana

Phase 1 Updates

@kenshino posted Call for Volunteers, and so many new contrbutors helped us to migrate staging site to production.
Contributors: @akhrayaprolu @softservenet @malice1332 @mehul0810 @howdy_mcgee @jessecowens @pskli @william68 @yuli-yang @poena


  • Done 80 (69.6%)
  • In Progress 9 (7.8%)
  • Remains 26 (22.6%)
  • Total 115

For more details, refer this spreadsheet.

We are editing those contents with Gutenberg (of course :-)) and will report some difficultlies and issues that we found to

Phase 2 discussion

Phase 2 work will start after migration for Phase 1 is over as that is priority. Phase 2 issues are here. If you want to join this project, please contact to @milana_cap.


@netweb and @clorith are working hard to setup production site for HelpHub. Thank you!