Summary for HelpHub meeting 20 August 2018


@atachibana @tomf @kenshino @mapk @kafleg @tomjn @felipeelia @milana_cap

Phase 1 Updates

Last #meta meeting didn’t happen and we are still waiting for reply from them.

Phase 2 discussion

@tomf needs help in finding code for Contributor feedback functionality. We want to replicate functionality from Code Reference for start.

We need response from @mapk on new WordPress Version page design suggestion –

Bug Scrub

These will be reviewed and merged by @kenshino:

Assigned issues: Assigned @milana_cap Assigned @felipeelia Assigned @felipeelia Assigned @mapk

Help wanted:

On hold: For now keeping open. No for now, but we still want recognition for contributors.

Closed: Duplicate of 229.

Theme Versioning discussion:

You can view the meeting history in detail at: