Summary for HelpHub meeting 6 August 2018


@atachibana @kafleg @mapk @polkadotcreation @jesseowens @audrasjb @jeroenrotty @chetan200891 @kenshino @tomf @tomjn @joyously @felipeelia @kartikshukla attended

Phase 1 Updates

Still no concrete updates from Phase 1. @kenshino will be pinging the meta team and likely joining the meta team meeting to push this forward.

Phase 2 Updates

@audrasjb migrated the remaining pages onto HelpHub staging and has been working on template enhancements

We’ve created an issue to track linking WordPress versions from DevHub –

@audrasjb and @atachibana are working on improving the content format of the WordPress Version pages so that users and developers can get information relevant to them immediately.

@tomjn is working on Gutenberg functionality for HelpHub

@tomf is going through Contributor feedback functionality

You can view the meeting history in detail at