Summary for Documentation Team Meeting 30 July 2018


@kenshino @atachibana @drewapicture @atimmer @milana_cap @audrasjb @wizzard_ @felipeelia

Codex Migration (DevHub)

@atachibana has picked up from @drewapicture to finish up the Codex Migration for articles relating to DevHub

Key factors that we look into while migrating

  1. What is relevant to developers
  2. What’s not longer relevant (because we only support stable WP in the code reference)
  3. What’s just plain wrong and needs to be stripped out

The work progress is being tracked via a Google Sheet

DevHub development

@coffee2code is responsible for DevHub’s development road map and @drewapicture is catching up with him to implement auto-approving for the feedback mechanism for authors that have had sustantial suggestions previously approved


We’ve been ready to launch for a little more than 1 month but it’s been stuck in limbo because of ‘s media upload restrictions.

There are only a few people who can directly upload the media files to the CDN and then we’ll still have to run the importer to get the content in (without dealing with uploads)

The media files to CDN thing is in an unclear state. But the content work is being looked at by Dion.

@kenshino will catch up with @coffee2code to look into the CDN issue.

A draft post to announce the launch of HelpHub and the deprecation of Codex is being planned.

Inline Docs

@sergeybiryukov has taken over most of @drewapicture‘s duties for inline documentation.

The Yoast team has been working hard on all core admin JS inline documentation.

The Docs team has invited @atimmer to join Docs Team meetings to update on JS inline documentation proceedings.

Docs Team Handbook Structure

The Docs Team spends a lot of time creating docs all over the WordPress ecosystem but ends up not being able to improve our own internal handbook.

The official Docs Team Trello group is at and we have setup the Docs Team handbook restructure board at

@milana_cap is in charge of this project so please ping her if you’re interested to help make the Docs  Team’s documentation better 🙂

Feedback for Docs Team handbook

We’ve decided to adopt the use of to allow the public to give feedback on the Docs Team handbook.

This allow us to

  • Attribute accountability
  • Tie into Slack notifications
  • Tie into accounts

We might consider using that for more areas but we’ll take one step at a time!

Next Meeting

The next Docs Team meeting will be on 13 August Monday. This week (6 August), we’ll be having the HelpHub meeting at 15:00 UTC.

You can view the meeting history in detail at