Summary of HelpHub Meeting 23 July 2018


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Phase 1 Updates

We’re waiting on content to go into the CDN (media stuff), we’re not doing the text migration until that’s done because doing content twice is a waste of resources and we won’t know the paths etc until it’s been uploaded so doing prep-work and having 404’ed media until it’s there doesn’t seem an option. (@clorith)

Phase 2

WordPress Version page (Epic #249)

WordPress Version page is release notes in Codex (e.g. Version 4.9.7). Those pages should be migrated into HelpHub, and Epic #249 and its sub tasks (#245 – #248) were created.

We have to endorse #core-docs team so that they can create/manage the new Version page in HelpHub.

Feedback functionality (#240)

@tomf has been working on a proof of concept using Gutenberg and Attachment Blocks.

DevHub Suggestion Piece: Since the Gutenberg Attachment Blocks piece might take longer than utilizing the existing DevHub piece, timewise, it seems to make sense to implement DevHub solution first.
*will need to reference DevHub Repo
*isolate code to be used to add feature

Gutenberg Attachment Blocks: Will continue to technically outline this and move forward. Team decided to require a user to be logged in to submit a suggestion vs. being able to do so without being logged in from the front end.

New Issues (#254 – #256)

@pskli raised some issues for Phase 2.

#254 Contributor Recognition
#255 Gutenberg Blocks
#256 Gutenberg template