Agenda for HelpHub Meeting 28 May 2018

Hello all,

Next HelpHub meeting will happen on

Monday, May 28, 2018, 15:00 UTC

in #docs.

We have about 3 days to our self-imposed deadline of May 31 for releasing HelpHub onto We’re likely going to look at extending for a week at least to get the last few items in.

  1. Attendance
  2. State of MVP
    • Content
    • Design
    • Development
  3. Bug Scrub
  4. AOB

Pinging @kenshino @atachibana @jon_bossenger @karys @nlarnold1 @greensteph @sarassassin @bethannon1 @juhise @sergeybiryukov @bravokeyl @quitevisible @ankitguptaindia @anevins @justingreerbbi @carl-alberto @geoffreyshilling @normalize @hardeepasrani @danhgilmore @wizzard_ @cristiano.zanca @tacoverdo @lumberhack @krogsgard @clorith @versatility @mapk @netweb @milana_cap

If I have missed any usernames, it’s not on purpose and do consider yourself invited to the meeting.

Helpful Links

  • HelpHub Staging –
  • GitHub repo –
  • Previous meeting minutes –