Summary for HelpHub Meeting March 13


@juhise migrated Settings Discussion Screen. @danieltj reviewed About Post Types. @atachibana drew picture and reviewed two articles – Installing Multiple Blogs

Phase 1 : 40 articles linked from Top page. 39 (+3) / 97.5% (+7.5%) articles were edited and 1 pages remain.
Phase 2: Total 119 articles were picked up from Codex and 103 (+5) / 86.6% (+4.2%) articles were edited.

Design Updates

@mapk volunteered to work on #168 and #142.

Development Updates

Migration script (#153) has been updated and we should have an PR for User roles for HelpHub editors by the end of the week.

Process in Contributing document should be reviewed and updated to work with new theme.


GitHub repo should be updated with latest database from staging site.


@kenshino @clorith @mapk @carl-alberto @atachibana (async) @danieltj @milana_cap

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