Summary for Helphub Meeting Februar 13


Content status page is updated, you can find it here. Twenty Seventeen article is migrated. Also, there is a new article in review process about password best practices, as explained in track ticket.

Development Updates

Somehow along the way, we lost path to the original plan, which is that HelpHub is a static content part of Support forums. The goal is to drive people to solve their own problems before getting to the forums.

Here are wireframes.

Therefore, home page for HelpHub is actually current home page for support. Articles are going to live under /support so we need to create CPT templates for HelpHub related content. It is agreed for CPT to be under “articles” slug. We need a script for migrating all existing articles on HelpHub to CPT, GitHub issue #153.

Articles should be simpler with a limited, right-side sidebar that showed a few basic things like related articles and such, with meta information at the bottom of the page. In rtl languages, the sidebar would be on the left. We might need custom post template for Guides as they need ToC (this will be marked as Phase 2), which is not always the case with Articles. For Articles, if needed, we might try a different approach with horizontal ToC.

Forums would also show at the bottom of search results, as a last resort if search didn’t help in finding the answer. Or at the bottom of an article, if article didn’t cover the problem.

Next steps

  • Replace current theme in Github repo with the Support one, @clorith volunteered.
  • Start tagging Github issues with MVP.
  • Properly define an MVP on next meeting.
  • Define a launch date, which will help give the push to everyone working on project to tide it over. End of May is proposed but this really depends on MVP and available people.


There was also a discussion about how docs team is going to use Gutenberg (the new editor) for the purpose of writing articles/guides and how to include it in our Handbook.


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Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)