Summary for Helphub Meeting Februar 06

It’s been a while since the last meeting and, therefore, this meeting was more about getting back on track than updates. In general, we need to create a plan with exact goals regarding content, design and functionality defined. With this plan tasks and necessary steps will be more clear.


We don’t have updates on migration state. However, we should consider what content (that is not present in codex) could be useful for today’s end users. One such example is #40237Educate users about modern password best-practices.

I’d love to hear some thoughts on this (cc @atachibana).

Design Updates

Home page design is blocked by several questions. These questions should be answered as soon as possible in order to move forward with design and development for home page.

Development Updates

Sidebar navigation is in progress at the moment. We’ll follow design from other .org Handbooks but, for the time being, populating sidebar will be done manually.


@tjnowell did awesome work in fixing documentation for setting up VVV. He did the same for core Handbook as well, and opened issue on GitHub for fixing the process in our CONTRIBUTING document. He’s a hero!


@tjnowell @mapk @clorith @kenshino @milana_cap

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)