Summary for HelpHub Bug Scrub 7 September 2017

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There were no closed issues since our last bug scrubs but two pull requests are closed – #140 and #147.

We got some attention which will, hopefully, bring more contributors to HelpHub. There are a couple of new people preparing their local installs (yeey).

All closed issues

All closed PRs

Home page template and powerful search are still hot topics.

Home Page Template

Home page template discussion is happening here. Please feel free to join, everyone’s opinion is welcomed.

Search Epic

Issues/PRs under Search epic: #8, #9, #47 and #37.

Huge thank you to all who contribute, you’re mega champions.

Next bug scrub will happen today, Thursday, September 14, 2017, 17:00 UTC in #docs channel and you all are invited. We can discuss any issue.

#bug-scrub, #summary