Summary for Helphub Bug Scrub 24 August 2017

Last week we didn’t have bug scrubs due to regular Fortnight Docs meeting. You can check last summary here.

Closed issues

All closed issues

Closed PRs

All closed PRs

Huge thank you to all who contributed, you’re mega heroes.


Now that development tools are synced with the rest of make teams (thanks to @netweb), we can move on with design and functionality. It is noted that we should have clear(er) direction and goals, and bug scrubs should guide towards these goals.

That being said, next main focus should be search functionality and home page template.

Home Page Template

We already have some great ideas for home page and design proposal by @mapk.

Search Epic

We want HelpHub to have powerful search functionality and template. This is one of first places end user will come for information and all information should be easy accessed and found. Issues/PRs under Search epic: #8, #9, #47 and #37.

Next bug scrub will happen today, Thursday, August 31, 2017, 17:00 UTC in #docs channel and you all are invited. We can discuss all the issues but keep in mind the focus on home page template and Search.

#bug-scrub, #summary