Summary for Helphub meeting February 28


@clorith, @milana_cap, @mapk, @versatility

Community Summit

All Helphub team members are also automatically part of the Documentation Team. All Helphub team members are encouraged to submit nominations or their own names to attend the WordPress Community Summit 2017.

People who are interested in attending but find it tough to justify the financial burden it’d place on you or your family can look towards the  travel assistance programme.

In addition, we need list down some pertinent topics for work/discussion on during the summit. Take note that it is key that we raise these topics early to promote cross team discussions and collaboration. Topics have been suggested and listed on the previous Documentation Team meeting summary, all Helphub team members are encouraged to submit more topics for discussion, particularly ones that revolve around Helphub.

People who are interested in the summit are encouraged to speak to @Kenshino

Migration Updates

Looking at the docs spreadsheet, we’re down to 15 remaining articles (10 being re-written, and 5 in need of some last minute polish)

Design Updates

@Kenshino needs to get the key styles from (the new ones) applied to the Helphub site to get the work moving ahead. @versatility is eager to press on.

It is possible to get some tips on this via @obenland who has apparently done something similar with the wp-org learn child theme.


Developers are mostly waiting for design work to be take shape so that they can do the front end development. A fair bit of the backend work has already been finished.

Meeting time

A proposal has been put forward to move the meeting time back an hour to 1500 UTC. No disputes were made on this.

Read the meeting transcript in the Slack archives. (A Slack account is required)