Agenda for Documentation Team meeting Feb 16


We’re deeply sorry the bi-weekly chat didn’t happen last week.

Here’s the agenda for the Docs team bi-weekly chat, which are held Thursdays and the upcoming one will be at February 16 2017 17:00 UTC in the #docs channel on Slack.

If we do not get any attendance, open floor will be held instead

This week, we will not be doing any project specific updates, but will focus on some key issues.

  1. General quick updates
  2. WordPress Summit 2017
    • It will be held in conjunction with WordCamp Europe (Paris)
    • The summit itself will be held from 13-14 June
    • Who wants to go to the summit? Nominations for the Doc team is open.
    • What shall we do? We need to work on projects and/or discuss goals & ideas for 2017
    • See for more info
  3. WP-CLI Code/Command Reference
    • Where shall these go? See

If you have done any work with any doc related projects or if you are interested in the Documentation Team, you’re invited to join in the meeting.