Theme Developer Handbook released

After around close to 2 years of development, through a total of 3 different teams, we have released the Theme Developer handbook, thereby completing the Developer Hub’s goal of having proper developer docs for the main aspects of WordPress.

This could not have happened without a few of the initial leads and project pushers – @siobhan, @samuelsidler @sewmyheadon @lizkaraffa @thoronas @jcastaneda @grapplerulrich @anthonynotes @topher1kenobe.

The list of people involved (not yet complete) is documented here and last count puts us at close to 100 people involved in the handbook in one way or another.

The handbook has been released in it’s version 1 form and is updated all the way to 4.7.

There’s always more to do and the team continues to manage and improve the handbook on Trello.

Please do give us feedback using the methods detailed here.

We hope this helps everyone make better themes!

Get cracking at

Props to the editors who came in after the handbook progress stalled for awhile @kenyasullivan @xfrontend @burlesonbrad @nao @jacobmc @hardeepasrani @sheebaabraham @boogawooga @rahulsprajapati @viniciuslourenco @kafleg @atachibana @sarahovenall @sushil-adhikari @celloexpressions @juhise