Summary for Helphub Design Meeting January 2


@krogsgard @versatility @wizzard_ @kenshino attended

As previous efforts towards user research were largely undocumented, we’re making a renewed approach to understanding user needs and behaviour.

We will be doing the following

  1. @versatility will be documenting the various components of Helphub
  2. @versatility will build various prototypes of those components and use them for feedback/research
  3. We will work the ‘single’ views (e.g. how we perceive users would want to view the articles) before we build the journey on the Homepage that will lead them to those articles.
  4. 2 surveys will be created
    • One for the Support Team – likely an open ended question to gain sentiment on how they think users would approach help documentation
    • One for the end users – @wizzard_ will work on the questions with @versatility
  5. All efforts will be tracked and documented on Trello

A few considerations (possibly)

  1. Search should be a global and obvious element
  2. No sidebars as it lacks consistency with mobile

Search Use Cases

  1. Searching for a specific problem
  2. Searching for a general guide (e.g. total guide from installing to securing WordPress)
  3. They’re on Helphub but don’t know what search terms to use (so they’re just clicking on what looks right)

Some reference

  1. A discussion from the Support Team about personas and common topics

Next Meeting

Tuesday, January 10, 2017, 13:00 UTC – One hour before Helphub Meeting

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