Volunteers needed for Theme Developer Handbook

Hello fellow Doc-lovers,

As you may know, DevHub has already been up for awhile and large strides have been made by @drew to get all portions of DevHub up and running.

Recently, I took over the management of the Theme Handbook project and I believe we’re about 80% done. (was 90% but we’ve had a few major releases since then)

Thanks to @lizkaraffa & @thoronas for leading the team thus far!

There are a 2 major areas (blockers) that will need to be finished before we can do an initial release of THB.

  1. Clearing the To-Do list located at https://trello.com/b/sBXllyQT/theme-developer-handbook
  2. Updating specific articles to reflect recent core changes such as adding ‘Custom Logos’ under core supported features

The beta form is currently at https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/getting-started/

We need you, doc lovers & previous contributors to the Theme Handbook to help us get this to the ‘release-able’ stage.

We are currently managing the project on our Trello Board

If you’re interested to help, please ping me @Kenshino on #docs, Slack or simply comment here!