HelpHub: Management change

Hey folks,

For the past few weeks regulars on the HelpHub team may have noticed that I have been somewhat more absent then previously. The primary reason for this is that I have recently joined the Community team full time (both as part of my work at Automattic, and also as an active member of the WP community). This is a big change in terms of the work that I’m doing on a daily basis, and one of the main effects of the change is that my time spent on WP projects will, for the time being, be primarily focussed on the Community team. The upshot of this is that, at risk of spreading myself too thin and not doing the project justice, I will be stepping down from managing the HelpHub project.

To be honest, this won’t affect things too much as those of you working on the project each week are doing such a sterling job that the work there is moving along very well already. In my stead, the very able @kenshino has stepped up to manage the project (as his posts on this blog show quite clearly). He was already helping me out a whole lot before this change, so he was the obvious choice really 🙂

I will still be on HelpHub team and will contribute where I can, but my role will no longer be an oversight or management one. I will attend the meetings when I can and will throw in some contributions where I am able to do so, but @kenshino will be handling the organisation of things going forward.

HelpHub meetings are still at the same time each week – Tuesdays at 14:00 UTC in #docs – so for those who already regular contributors, or others who would like to get involved in the project, please don’t hesitate to stop by those meetings and get involved in what is a very exciting project.