HelpHub Meeting Recap, Oct. 6

In yesterday’s HelpHub meeting we spoke mostly about user personas as a starting point for our content structure and design. You can read the full Slack logs here.

My apologies for having to leave the meeting early – an emergency came up on my side, but thanks to @samuelsidler for stepping in to help guide the discussion to the end.

After much discussion (and some initial confusion) we nailed down the user personas we’ll be focussing on. The user personas are effectively the identities of the people who will be using HelpHub. We put our outline together in this Google Doc, but this is what we settled on:

  1. Publishers
    • People who work within a WordPress Installation
    • Content creators, authors, publishers & editors
  2. Maintainers
    • People who install WordPress
    • People who maintain WordPress sites

Note that we did not include developers as they would largely be redirected to DevHub.

Inside each of the personas there will also be three levels of experience: Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced. There will obviously be some crossover in the content with regards to the personas, but that’s normal and expected.

Next steps

The next steps from here are to start planning the content for each of the personas as well as to start working on the wireframes with the personas in mind. That will be the work for the next little while, so the next few weekly chats (13:00 UTC on Tuesdays) will be updates on the progress there.

The info on how to get involved, as well as where we’ll be doing the work, are all on the HelpHub project page.

Feedback needed

We would appreciate feedback on the user personas from the Docs & Support teams, so if you have any input on that side of things please comment on here.

#helphub, #recap