Handbooks Update: November 18, 2014

Present today were: @aj_mallory, @blobaugh, @grappleulrich, @naomicbush, @samuelsidler, @sewmyheadon, and @topher1kenobe.

Most importantly, the chat is moving to Thursdays at the same time. The next chat will be Thursday, December 4, 2014 at 21:00 UTC. We will not have a chat next week due to Thanksgiving in the US. Of course, we all idle in #docs in Slack if there are questions outside of our weekly chat.

Plugin developer handbook:

  • Launched version 1 at WCSF
  • Not much traction since
  • Focus going forward is getting minor issues (on the spreadsheet) taken care of, then onto reviewing the top Codex pages and bringing over any good information so we can redirect them.

Theme developer handbook:

  • Completely migrated since prior to WCSF.
  • Minor movement just after WCSF but mostly stagnant.
  • We need volunteers to own pages so we can get moving.

If you want to help with either handbook, ping any of us in #docs on Slack (especially @blobaugh@sam, @sewmyheadon, and @topher1kenobe).

Coming up on December 6 is the Docs Sprint in Seattle and in #docs on Slack.