WCSF 2014 Docs Contrib Day Notes

Purpose to see how we are doing on Docs and look towards the future

Plugin handbook

  • Almost complete. One page left to write
  • Siobhan is holding back launch with the intro 😉
  • Landing page on developer.wordpress.org will be updated to unveil the plugin hb tomorrow!
  • How can we get feedback from the users on handbook pages?
  • Add list of pages from the codex that can be redirected or need content migrated into the spreadsheet

Theme handbook

  • At 67% completion
  • Future focus can be put completely on theme hb instead of splitting with plugins

Contributor days

  • Difficult to retain contributors
  • Takes a while to get them up to speed on how to contribute
  • Are still useful as contributors that do return contribute significantly


  • Landing page will show the new theme
  • Theme hb link should be whited out and say coming soon
  • Need examples contributed to the code reference
  • Need a way to group together items in the functions reference. Possibly a tag that can be added. Scott (coffee2code) is looking into options
  • The JSON API docs need to be pulled in. Currently exist as markdown on Github
  • Need a banner on the handbooks that lets users know all content is volunteer contributed and they can get involved


  • Go through codex and find pages that can be relevant to the plugin handbook
  • Siobhan will provide list of high traffic codex pages that need to be checked for content and redirected to plugin handbook
  • Need list of content that is duplicated between both plugin and theme handbook (E.G javascript)
  • Where should content live that does not exactly live in either handbook? (E.G list of javascript libraries built into WordPress)
  • Need a Slack bot that will send messages to #docs when user wants to ask a question???
  • How do we easily let in new users to edit handbooks? This needs more discussion. Prefer to contact a human to get access. Preferably one of the editors
  • Will be implementing an issue tracking system that will contain tickets for things that need updated/added


  • Instead of weekly meetings we should use the blog to post questions, get feedback, etc
  • Switch to monthly all docs team chats

#handbooks, #wcsf2014