WCSF Contributor Day

We’ve made plans to work on completing both the developer handbooks during our two day team meetup following WCSF.

I’d like to use this thread to discuss ideas on what Docs tasks we can have contributors work on during Contributor Day on Sunday.

This is a good opportunity to have contributors work on non-handbook tasks that also need to be completed.

A couple possibilities are:

  • Code Reference Migration: migration of content from the Codex code references to the new code reference, including reviewing content, adding examples, and setting up redirects from the Codex.
  • Codex cleanup: review of Codex content – editing, truncating, deleting pages that are out of date.

If you have other suggestions, please add them in the comments. Also indicate whether you’ll be available to work with new contributors on Sunday.

#contributor-day, #wcsf2014