Weekly Handbook updates I ran the handbook chat…

Weekly Handbook updates

I ran the handbook chat for @samuelsidler yesterday while he was out. Present were @blobaugh @jerrysarcastic @topher1kenobe @sewmyheadon

The theme handbook is coming along. This weekend is another of the monthly doc sprints and @sewmyheadon is hoping to knock out a good chunk of the handbook.

A couple more sections of the plugin handbook have been marked 100% or are ready for review. Thanks again to @topher1kenobe for doing much of the heavy lifting!

Migration to the new devhub has been going slowly but has had some progress.

In addition to the monthly doc sprint in Seattle hosted by @sewmyheadon there will also be a general contributor day in Tacoma starting soon. Also led by @sewmyheadon. What a great guy!

The handbooks are still a work in progress and we are always happy to have more contributor, either writing content, editing, proofing, testing, or other! If you would like to help out please contact @samuelsidler @blobaugh or @sewmyheadon