Content in the Code Reference

Below is a proposal for user-generated content in the code reference.

  • Individual code reference pages are split into three sections:

— parsed content
— officially curated content
— user-generated content

Much like this diagram:

  • Parsed Content will come from the parser
  • Officially curated content will be added by the docs team
  • User generated content will be added by users and filtered via voting.

Here are some mockups:

Function page with curated content

Function page with user-contributed note input expanded

Function page with user-contributed note

Full gallery is here:

This will involve two major changes:

  • examples will become user-contributed notes. These should be able to deal with both code examples and text
  • we will need a way for the official docs to be added. My instincts are that these should be added to the content editing section in the back-end, but at the minute the parsed content is added there. So I’m not sure what the best way to technically implement this is.

I’m definitely open to changes so please make suggestions.

Thanks to @boone for input into this.