Devhub Search Results Badges

Hi All,

I posted this as a comment the other day because i couldnt post here but havent recieved any feedback so im posting it again here now 🙂

Devhub Update 20th May

Here are the designs for the search results pages i have so far:

## Badges
View –
Branch (GitHub) –
Note: Once theres a way to differentiate between actions and filters the Hooks Badge (H) will be replaced with a Action Badge (A) and a Filter Badge (Fi).
Note: Mobile styles not yet created.

## Filters
View –
Branch (GitHub) –
Note: Filters still show up when theres no results on search page this will not happen in the next draught.

## Badges & Filters
View –
Branch (GitHub) –

Which design do you prefer?

In a discussion on skype we thought about making all deprecated badges red, whats everyones thoughts on this?

What are peoples thoughts on hiding deprecated items in the search results and having a show deprecated filter?

If you have another suggestion submit it on meta trac here:

Sofia xXx