Devhub update

IRC Logs

Thanks to all who attended the meeting on Tuesday. Here are our priorities/current issues:
1. Detect deprecated files. Github #11 @Rarst
2. Display source code in code reference – there’s a basic implementation of this from @atimmer 176. Waiting for @coffee2code to review and commit
3. Used by/Uses information Github #79 @Rarst. Once this is being parsed it will need to be displayed #323

Other issues

  • Pending the above we can implement examples #180 @coffee2code
  • @nicolealleyinteractivecom and @sofia-rose are working on an implementation for differentiating between different code reference entries on search results page #450. Can you please post your designs here for discussion?
  • a discussion needs to be had about skipping bundled libraries. @nacin thinks that bundled libraries should be skipped, @Rarst firmly thinks that they should not be. If anyone has any strong feelings either way, please leave a comment here. We’ll discuss the issue again at the next meeting.