Handbooks Weekly Chat update @samuelsidler was out today…

Handbooks Weekly Chat update

@samuelsidler was out today so I lead the discussion. @sewmyheadon was also unable to attend so chat centered around the plugin handbook.

  • Shortcodes section is almost complete (Thanks @topher1kenobe!)
  • We need someone who knows how TinyMCE renders shortcodes in the editor to round out the section
  • The plugin spreadsheet is being updated on an on going basis
  • Some relevant content from the Codex is being moved into the handbook (E.G. CPTs)
  • Instead of randomly attacking the list we are more purposefully moving section by section.

We still need more volunteer writers! If you want to get involved drop me a line at ben@lobaugh.net or ping me on IRC.

Honorable mention was @jerrysarcastic sarcasm 😉

#handbook-chat, #handbooks