Admin Help May 13th, 2014

Bit of a fleshy update!

@trishasalas has stepped down as project lead, feeling the project was moving in a direction she did not feel fully comfortable with leading. I’ll be stepping out of the shadows and taking point moving forward.

During our meeting we discussed what we see from the current set of tests. We chose to focus on the newly updated theme screen for these tests, and although more data points would be nice we did identify some consistent misconceptions on the users ends.

We then discussed how to best utilize our time when deciding what to look into and when, some ideas thrown out by yours truly were to focus on modules of the admin that have either recently been updated, or haven’t seen any love in a while.

Further more, @jerrysarcastic voulenteered to look into the process regarding credits for tests.

Another idea that was thrown out seemed like it might be very interesting; An opt-in plugin for dedicated users who wish to help further WordPress, which would do anonymous heat map data of the admin. I would certainly like to re-visit this idea at our next meeting and look into the viability of this.