AH-O₂ Update — 3 March, 2014

Help Overview refactoring
@brainfork has been ill and was unable to work on this this week. @jazzs3quence created tickets for some of the issues that were reported in https://github.com/jazzsequence/WordPress-Admin-Help/issues/50 many of which were things that @brainfork was planning to work on. See:

@clorith is going to work on refactoring the tooltip structure a bit to make it more flexible for devs and give us more options for tooltip styles.
@trishasalas will be working on some new styles for the tooltips
Between the two of them, we’re hoping to nail:

Admin Help Inventory spreadsheet
@ubernaut has added tooltip locations to the Pages admin pages in the spreadsheet we’re using to keep track of such things. He will work on adding the actual TinyMCE formatting buttons this week.

Target Date
We’ve set a tentative target date for April 1. This will give us time to test the plugin and fix any issues before the discussion begins about WordPress 4.0 feature plugins.

Help wanted!
To meet this target, we need help:

  • adding tooltips — though this process may be changing, the changes should make things easier and we can help with the transition — mostly we need new tooltips to be added (or at least written) for all the elements (that have not been added already) in the spreadsheet (or for anything else that’s missing that isn’t included)
  • testers — we’d love to have more testers look at this and let us know if/when they find any issues

If either of these things sound like ways in which you could contribute, you can let us know in the Google Group, in the comments of this post, or in our Monday meeting.

Our next meeting is next Monday 18:30UTC.

#admin-help, #ah-o2