Contributing this fine WordPress Weekend

There are two events particularly relevant to the docs team coming up this weekend:

WP Contributor Day in Manchester, UK

The newly formed WP Contributor Day group is running their first event on March 1st from 10AM – 6PM UTC, @johnbillon has written a post with more details. The event’s site is at

For docs folks in particular, if you’re in the north of England, why not head on over? It’s sure to be a great day, whatever your skills or experience level.

If you’re elsewhere, and already familiar with contributing then joining in virtually via #wordpress-sfd would be a fantastic thing to do.

Monthly Docs Sprint in Seattle, USA

The Seattle Meetup group are hosting their monthly Docs Sprint on Saturday, too. It’s running from 10AM – 2PM PST.

It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned the additional virtual nature of these sprints here on the blog, so for the benefit of newer contributors, here’s some of the backstory.

In short: the meet-up group welcomes your participation, wherever you may be!

To quote @sewmyheadon, here’s what do to if you’re not in the Seattle area:

Online: If you’re bashful, or simply outside of the Seattle area, you can simply logon to the IRC channel at #wordpress-sfd and participate from anywhere.

Why not take a peek at the getting started page for the handbooks to gather inspiration for your contributing this coming weekend?

Happy weekend, docs!