Docs issue tracker

Okay, so the preliminary version of the Docs Issue Tracker is up. Here’s a quick rundown on how it works.

Note: I fully expect it to be slightly buggy at first. 🙂

The issue list can be seen at . You will need to be logged in and also an editor on this make-site to do anything useful here. The dropdown menu on the right is the action menu. You can “accept” an issue, “close” an issue, or “reopen” a closed issue. Again, preliminary, this can be expanded later if needed.

Issue submission can be done at . You will need to be logged in, and when you visit this page, it will force you to do so if you’re not already.

However, it will be the case that we link to this page from other places on the website. I put a link on my Codex page so you can see how this works:

When you click to that submit form from somewhere else, it auto-grabs where you linked here from, and fills in the URL of the problem. There is some sanity and safety checking here, so it won’t work for all links from everywhere. Also note that the link to /issue/submit should always be https, because of referer restrictions when going from https sites to non-https sites. Based on the URL, the location information on the ticket is filled in and so forth.

I know it’s not quite the prettiest. Sorry. HTML/CSS suggestions are welcome. Also, pagination is there, just not displayed until there’s more issues. Currently it’s the default of ten per page, I’ll increase that eventually.

Things missing:

  • Stats
  • Re-ordering by status
  • Probably some other stuff

Again, this is a starting point. Things can be added to it, as needed.

Also, please don’t add “test” issues. I’ll do the testing. If you have real issues, feel free to add those. 🙂