AH-O₂ Update — 17 February, 2014

We’ll be releasing 0.7 this week. New in this update are initial tooltips for the sidebar menu items & tooltips on the Users pages.

@brainfork Will be working on reworking the help overviews. This partially came out of this ticket, where it was determined that a restructure of how the overviews are marked up may be necessary.

@ubernaut will continue to work on the spreadsheet with a focus on identifying areas for new tooltips. This makes it easier when adding the tooltips in the plugin to know where best to place them. The next area for focus for the spreadsheet will be the Network Admin screens. I recently opened the document up to anyone with a link to make it easier for people to jump in, flesh out areas that are bare, or claim admin pages to add tooltips to without requiring an owner to invite them to be able to edit the spreadsheet.

@nikv has volunteered to help out with adding tooltips also.

I’ve updated the tooltip documentation somewhat to add some additional details/guidance for adding new tooltips. Feedback (or edits) are welcome.

One thing that wasn’t discussed this week (although there’s a ticket) is the fact that the arrow location for some tooltips is pointing to the wrong place. My suspicion is that this is largely a CSS issue (or an issue that can be solved with CSS) and anyone who wants to jump in and take a stab at that is welcome. There are a variety of places where this is the case and may need to be styled individually. The main issue is a lack of specific IDs/classes to hook the tooltips onto, which could be conceivably solved in core by adding specific classes/ids to those elements.

Our next meeting will be next Monday 18:30UTC

#admin-help, #ah-o2