Docs Issue Tracker Mockups

Happy Monday Docs team!

@karmatosed has started plugging away at mockups for your issue tracker and we’re ready for feedback!

First off, here’s a mockup she’s created of the actual tracker itself, which is affectionately codenamed Documentron.

The tracker includes columns for: reported username, date reported, type of issue (we’ll discuss which types are wanted during the implementation phase), current status, a link to the page with the problem, and a button for resolving the issue. It also includes a hide/reveal triangle for seeing the details of a particular issue.


Additionally, here’s a second mockup showing how hover states might work on the tracker.

@karmatosed has also worked on a set of buttons that would be placed on documentation allowing anyone (who’s logged in) to report an issue. Which one do you like most and why? Feel free to discuss the placement of the button as well. We’ll want it somewhere consistent across all docs.



But that’s not all… Once someone clicks to report an issue, where do they go? Assuming they’re logged in, they visit this wonderful form:



Alright Docs team, what do you think about the mockups above? Keep in mind, they’re just mockups right now and might still need some design touch ups. Anything you think of is useful at this stage so we can get the mockups just right prior to sending them to a developer to implement.

Thanks for all your feedback!