Admin Help Videos (round two)

Some interesting results. Keep in mind (if you watch these all the way through) that some of these had multiple users doing things at the same time, so there are a few occasions where theme or widget changes disappeared because someone else was doing it, too.

No change to the help tabs

User 1
This person didn’t have any issues. Never used the help.

User 2
This person didn’t have any issues. They did leave this comment:

I would want a help section for each category/section as well as a help search box so I can quickly find an answer

…and I can’t tell if they are saying that because they didn’t find the help, or if they are saying that because they *did* but it wasn’t how they expected. I assume the former (never found it) since they never clicked the tab.

User 3
This person did have problems, never found the help tab.

Help in the admin bar

User 1
This person commented on the lack of help documentation, but his LastPass bar was covering up the help button in the admin bar. (I guess that could be an argument against the admin bar being the final location of the help button/tab.)

User 2
This person found the help button, but it seemed to be because he was specifically looking for it (because the task said “use help if you need to”). It wasn’t natural.

User 3
Had problems, but they went to Google for help. Never found the help button.

Help tab a different color

User 1
This person never needed/never used the help tab.

User 2
This person didn’t need the help but they did find it.

User 3
This person found the help tab AND ACTUALLY USED IT (but it didn’t give him the answer he was looking for).


1. I think it’s safe to say the current help tabs are hard to see/find. Not one person even noticed they existed.

2. The admin bar solution doesn’t seem to work. Placement conflicts with popular password management browser extensions and it’s pretty nondescript sitting up there. The only person who did find it had to look for it.

3. The color seemed to make the help tab easier to find (maybe?). At any rate, 2/3 people found the help tab when we gave it a color. Maybe we can use MP6 themes to bring in a color that goes with the admin color scheme?

Next steps/ideas

I’m open. Here are a few things I’m thinking:

1. Replace the tab with a ? icon in the same location. Ideally colored.
2. Use a plugin that adds help in the sidebar (this will require someone to write up some help documentation for the tasks we are looking for people to accomplish for them to find).
3. Maybe another location? Like the Feedback tabs that hang on the right side of the window with GetSatisfaction stuff?
4. Possibly extend the color help plugin to pull in styles from the active MP6 theme, if possible.

Any other thoughts/ideas?

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