The Docs and Support Teams

We’ve been doing a bit of back and forthing about combining support and docs. And it’s something Mika and I were very keen to do, but when it came down to the practicalities of how the group would function and be structured we realised that things were becoming more complicated by combining the groups, rather than less so. Part of the issue is that, while there are similarities between docs and support (we both help people, after all), we’re focused on very different projects.

One of the major distinctions is that Support constitutes the ongoing work that is reactive support – i.e. answering queries on the support forums and IRC. The Support people are quite diffuse and spend most of their time in the trenches. It doesn’t generally gather around individual projects. Docs is far more atomistic, with people working on discrete documentation projects (proactive support).

It’s also the case that those who are most active (and who would potentially be the rep) are very active in one area and not the other. With so much disparate activity going on across Docs and Support it’s unrealistic to expect someone to know what’s going on with both.

Therefore we propose the following:

  • Docs and Support remain separate teams each with their own P2P2 P2 or O2 is the term people use to refer to the Make WordPress blog. It can be found at and rep
  • we expect that there will be some crossover
  • until it becomes impracticable, we’ll keep our chat at the same time, Thursday 16:00 UTC . This will allow any crossover to take place.

Please use this thread to discuss the issue. I’d like to have this resolved soon so that Jan and Eric can take up their respective roles as team reps.