Theme Developer Handbook @ Contribute Day

oK; let’s take some bits of the handbook – each bit should be reviewed for usefulness and accuracy. Keep in mind that we’re aiming for a resource that people can use to check as they develop a theme.

Here’s the list of topics – each should get a pass from a volunteer and then pass it to Se for a style review. Tick off the topic when you take it and add any notes by editing the post. When Se says “it’s done,” she’ll add another note and we’ll then consider it to be checked in. 🙂


Part One: Theme Basics

Part Two: Theme Functionality

  • Accessibility (@ozzyr)
  • Comments (@davidjlaietta)
  • Media
  • Navigation Menus (@jboydston)
  • Pagination (@thepixelista)
  • Post Thumbnails (@Brainfestation)
  • Sidebars (@thepixelista)
  • Translation (@Brainfestation)
  • widgets (@ancawonka)
  • Next and Previous Links
  • Linking Theme Files and Directories
  • Custom Headers
  • Adding Admin Menus

Part Three: Advanced Theme Topics

  • Child Themes
  • Theme Customizer [This still needs to be properly incorporated: ]
  • Theme Security
  • UI Best Practices
  • Theme Unit Tests
  • Validating Your Website

Part Four: Theme Release

  • Required Template Files
  • Submission Process
  • Testing
  • Theme Review Guidelines
  • Writing Documentation (@sewmyheadon) ref:

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